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Pterosaurs were flying reptiles of the extinct clade or order Pterosauria. They existed during However, technically, pterodactyl only refers to members of the genus Pterodactylus, and more broadly to members of the suborder. 6 Jul - 8 sec - Uploaded by Mark Joe Read the title. A free list of the best Pterodactyl pictures, images, drawings, facts, and fossils. See how it lived in Africa during the Late Jurassic period!.

Curious about flying dinosaurs? Here are 10 fascinating Pterodactyl (Pteranodon or Pterodactylus) facts. There have been many modern-day sightings of creatures that by eyewitness description sound like pterosaurs, or pterodactyl sightings. The popular conception of pterodactyl flight shows them in a pose with wings and legs spread far apart similar to the way bats do it. But as new.

Pterodactyl definition is - any of various pterosaurs (suborder Pterodactyloidea) of the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous having a rudimentary tail and a beak with. Pretend that you are living during the Cretaceous period. Then look up at the sky. That fierce winged creature swooping down on you is a pterodactyl, a flying.