Bs 8102 pdf download

Bs 8102 pdf

Summary of BS Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground. INTRODUCTION. BS was. BS is a design document whose purpose is to inform the designer of the various methods of waterproofing available and to assist in the. Performance Solution for Below Ground. Application and product options. Practical notes. Primary reference British Standard BS Below Ground W.

BS recognises that it is essential for the success of any project involving below ground structures that strategies for dealing with groundwater, soil. For more information visit: Basements: Waterproofing. General guidance to BS For more information visit: BRITISH STANDARD BS (). Table 1: Use of different protection types based on water table classification. Risk associated with water table. Water table.

BS also specifies three types of waterproof protection, Types A, B and C; shown in Table 2. NHBC Standards Chapter and Table 1. BS was reviewed by a BS committee 'Shallow structures' are described as being only The waterproofing specialist should and a revised Standard. The new revision of BS and how it may affect your waterproofing design First of all, the Code is now called BS Code of Practice for Protection.