Zombotron 2 hacked download

Zombotron 2 hacked

Play Zombotron 2 – From nirocraft.com Destroy all zombies. Destroy all other enemies. And save the planet. Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine – From nirocraft.com Zombotron Time Machine is a new entry in the Zombotron universe and. Tequila Zombies 2. Road of the Dead 2. Zombotron 2 - Time Machine. Decision 3 . Thing-Thing Arena Classic. Zombo Buster. Raze 3. Earn to Die - Part 2.

Zombotron 2 - Time Machine with cheats: Keyhack [Y] add cash, [U] toggle health , [I] toggle unlimited ammo clips, [O] toggle rapid fire.. Don't let the name fool. Play Zombotron 2 Hacked. Battle your way through space killing all the zombies in this excellent platform game. - Enemies give you health. Play Zombotron 2 Time Machine Hacked. Your ship has finally been fully repaired and now is virtually ready to get off this zombie filled planet.

Play Zombotron 2 Hacked with cheats: Press [Y] to add money, [U] to toggle invulnerability, [I] to toggle infinite ammo clips, [O] to toggle rapid fire. A good zombie.