Temple run 2 frozen shadows download

Temple run 2 frozen shadows

Starting today, a brand new world is available in Temple Run 2, called Frozen Shadows. Marking developer Imangi Studio's biggest expansion. Description Frozen Shadows is a map that was released in December It is most likely based on a sub-Arctic frozen tundra with lots of frosted obstacles and . Temple Run 2 is still running. Yup, the popular endless runner game that inspired a lot of similar games is still a widely-played action game.

Imangi Studios has announced the release of a new content expansion in its popular endless runner, Temple Run 2. Called Frozen Shadows. Temple Run 2 has been out for a few years now and we know it does seem to be pretty long in the tooth. However given that the original. Last week we posted about a vague teaser for Imangi's Temple Run 2 and something called Frozen Shadows. Well, since then, more details.