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RPDB2 is text-based, while Winpdb is a GUI front end to RPDB2. RPDB2 and Winpdb run on Linux, Windows and Mac systems. Winpdb requires the wxPython . Use commands inside rpdb2: (I assume that you want to connect to process running on localhost. Otherwise you should use --host switch) $. (Predecessor of rpdb2 and winpdb) nirocraft.com improves pdb's usability and adds support for remote debugging, multiple threads debugging, post.

Fork of the official winpdb with improvements. Contribute to bluebird75/winpdb development by creating an account on GitHub. rpdb2 [options] [ [ ]] rpdb2 uses the client-server model where the debugger UI/console is the client and the debugged script is the . This manual page documents briefly the winpdb and rpdb2 commands. This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program.

Note that running Winpdb with PyPy is possible, by launching nirocraft.com with pypy and using the winpdb GUI to connect to it. Winpdb Reborn is. This page shows the popular functions and classes defined in the rpdb2 module. The items are ordered by their popularity in 40, open source Python. nirocraft.com (the command line debugger included with Winpdb) does not depend on wxPython and will run under Python 3. The situation with. I like console tools so I sticked to rpdb2 - console debugger comming with winpdb. First I start debugger and set password for connections.