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Sonatina Choir is a free Female / male choirs plug-in developed by bigcat I'm running XP (sp3) and tried acid and podium and this vst fails to load in both. For a while now I've been searching for a genuinely awesome choir VST. I could really use some haunting choir in some of my music, but I just. BigCat has a choir wrapped as a VST I think. Search here for Sonatina Choir http ://nirocraft.com Pretty sure there.

8Dio choirs are the most comprehensive choirs in the business, ranging from the largest symphonic choir ( persona - Lacrimosa) ever recorded. Symphonic Choirs is an ambitious and powerful instrument capable of recreating the sound of a real choir with an incredible degree of realism. Nothing else. Hey looking to get the best choir VST. Standard choir sound (not little boys choir or ethnic, just standard classical choir). One that has good.

Magnus Choir: Musical Ensemble of Virtual Singers. VST and AU plugins: Male and Female Choir, Pad Textures, Dark Atmos, Gregorian Chants, Singing Monk. kontakt-full Discover the powerful sound of Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female chorus: sopranos, mezzos, altos, soloist, and full choir .