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Dont stay in school

7 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by ExecutiveRage Here is the lyric version of the song, Don't Stay In School! By: Dave from BoyInABand. Read Dont stay in school - boyinaband from the story Song Lyrics by NatalieBC_ with reads.I wasn't taught how to get a job, but i can remember dis. I'll go through some of the points with an American perspective: Why you weren't taught how to pay tax: It changes every year. Also you can't expect teachers to.

But according to some parents and teachers, so may producer/musician David Brown, whose rap video "Don't Stay in School" first went viral in. It's called "Don't Stay in School" by Boyinaband; it's a rap song perfectly explaining the faults within the school system. More specifically, the. There was a video posted to Youtube in February with the title “Don't stay in school”. It is a rap by a guy who feels his education did was.

I admit that the first time I watched the video “Don't Stay in School,” I felt incredibly irritated. In an edgy rap, David Brown recites facts and skills. Why does this YouTube star think school is stupid? Find out in this week's old people watching porn. Don't Stay in School - , views.